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Ginger have been grown for over 4, 4 hundred years. It is a widely used preparing food spice. Ginger comes from the rose Zingiber Officinale. In historical times ginger was used to deal with a variety of health conditions. To name a few, in China, it truly is used for digestive function, nausea, and diarrhea. Ginger is one of the more widely used herbal remedies in America and it is found in most grocery, drug and health food stores (Umm, 2004).

Forms of Turmeric

Ginger can be bought and used in many varieties. Various varieties of ginger contain: whole organic root, entire fresh root, dried beginnings, powdered, crystalized, preserved, or pickled. Ginger root is also added into many medicines, foods, as well as the popular drink Ginger Ale(theepicentre, 2003). Purposes of ginger

One of the main medical uses for turmeric is nausea and vomiting. Two studies have found ginger more effective than the placebo in treating morning hours sickness in women with severe vomiting. Research has been done on ginger treatment with nausea and throwing up after surgical treatment. Further research need to be done to test the effectiveness. Several studies completed on sailors proved turmeric to be effective about motion sickness. Many opt to take ginger as an alternative to other medications intended for motion sickness. Ginger sometimes added to tea is used to deal with a cold, flu virus, headache, and menstrual cramping. Ginger can also be used for inflammation. Several research have shown that it can be effective against osteoarthritis, lowering the amount of discomfort medication the sufferer was choosing. However few studies show that it proved helpful no much better than ibuprofen. Research are being done, however it should be to early to tell, the effects that ginger is wearing lowering cholesterol and preventing blood clots (Umm, 2004). " In the Thailand it is chewed to get rid of evil spirits(theepicentre, 2003). " Henry XIII...

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