Strictly Ballroom Essay

Photo is a powerful medium whereby composers enable themselves to express challenging suggestions. By emphasising visual methods, the fonder can show rendering through image and form meaning. Through the exploration of picture in the film " Totally ballroom” described by " Baz Lurhmann” and " Stupid Girls” a music video simply by " Pink” are the designs of identity versus conformity, the importance of appearance, as well as the resistance to modify effectively described.


" Baz Lurhmann” and " Pink” use graphic to show the tips of personality versus conformity. In " Strictly ballroom”, " Baz Lurhmann uses juxtaposition of Scott's appearance/costume of his gold sequined pants and jacket when ever partnered with Liz Holt who is in a very dress just like extravagant with elaborate curly hair and cosmetic dancing the federation measures. This is juxtaposed with Scott dancing his own actions with Fran he wears a simple singlet with black pants. Pink uses juxtaposition in her music online video when the angel and the satan are trying to persuade the fresh girl to to either conform (devil) or be an individual (angel). Baz displays the struggles between personality and conformity though the usage of lighting, once Scott is definitely dancing by himself around the spotlight which symbolizes individuality and just how Scott was afraid to dance entirely in this but rather about it, shifting though that quickly. This kind of shows the interior struggle among what Scott wants, to win in order to do what he is passionate about. Pink portrays conformity in a negative way though the use of camera angles such as large angle taken of Shirley Hastings and Les Kendall's dance school showing to conform will be inferior. Green also supports the idea that style is better than regarding conformity though the use of a decreased angle taken of a " female president” showing her electricity and portrays a strong image.

The importance of appearance is shown in Stupid ladies though the make use of low perspective camera taken to show electricity when they represent a woman president...

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