Reader Respond to the Yellow-colored Wallpaper

Reader Response for The Yellow Wallpaper

Darlene Santangelo

August 13, 2013


• Derision – disapproval, disgust

• Flamboyant – flashy, gaudy

• Interminable - non stop

• Bedstead – hardware/woodenware on a foundation

• Querulous – atrabiliario, difficult to cope with

Difficult paragraphs:

I always fancy I see persons walking in these numerous pathways and arbors, but David has informed me to not give way to fancy whatsoever. He says that with my personal imaginative power and behavior of story-making, a anxious weakness like mine is sure to lead to all manner of excited choices, and that I actually ought to make use of my can and sense to check is a tendency. So I try. (Is the narrator getting patronized below? )

John says easily don't grab faster he shall throw me to Weir Mitchell inside the fall. (Who or precisely what is Weir Mitchell? A medical center? A doctor? Is a risk? )

During the night in any sort of light, in twilight, candlestick light, lamplight, and most severe of all simply by moonlight, it is bars! The outdoors pattern Come on, man, and the woman behind it is as plain as can be. (We begin to think that the narrator is outrageous after all)


The narrator, whose name do not know. We all wonder if the girl with truly outrageous or when there is something great afoot Steve – the narrator's husband and doctor

Jennie – an associate in the house

Summary: �

The narrator's hubby, John, features taken her to a lovely country home during the summertime. He desires to15325 heal her of her depression by simply bringing her here to rest. The narrator is impressed by the beauty of the estate. Steve seems to be a loving but condescending partner. His also her doctor. While remaining in an 2nd floor bedroom, most likely chosen by John pertaining to the bars on their windows, the narrator turns into fixated within the unattractive yellow wallpaper that is on the walls. Ruben does not wish his partner to write or perhaps do anything in any way that will cause any sort of mental exhaustion, so the narrator produces...