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Mrs. Haire

IB Chemistry

Research 6

Mole Ratio in a Chemical Reaction


Mole proportions of reactants are often times determined by the use of the other items in a substance equation. However , in the occasion that the products' mole ratios are not known, it can be established through the research. This method is referred to as continuous different versions. In this research laboratory, I determined the skin mole ratio among Sodium Hypochlorite and Salt Thiosulfate through the use of continuous variants of percentages in a provided volume. This kind of reaction was exothermic so I measured the heat that was produced from the reaction. Hypothesis:

The reaction while using proper gopher ratio will reach the best temperature and this is due to the reaction being well-balanced and theoretically having no limiting reactants. Research Issue:

How is the method of continuous variation applied to determine the mole rate of two separate reactants with unknown products? Target:

The purpose of this lab is usually to determine the mole ratio of two reactants in a chemical reaction by making use of continuous variation. Variables:

Impartial Variable: Percentage of reactants

Dependent Adjustable: Temperature modify

Controlled Adjustable: Total number of moles of reactants


Protective Eye protection Thermometer Managed to graduate Cylinder Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO), solution Calorimeter Sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3), option Distilled Water pipettes Technique:

It is important to decorate protective safety glasses and mitts at all time, because these chemicals might cause damage if perhaps they come in connection with your cases or sight. 1 . Acquire a beaker which has NaClO solution and another beaker with Na2S2O3. installment payments on your Measure the temperatures of...

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