Modern Greece 5 Topics of Geography Essay

Modern day Greece's

a few Themes of Geography


Absolute Position of Greece:

The absolute position of Portugal is located by 39oN, 22oE because that's where its capital, Athens, is located. Comparable Location of Greece:

Southern of Macedonia, West of Turkey

forty two


20 twenty two 24 twenty six 28 31 This is a photo of Modern Portugal that shows the coordinates of Portugal. This photo relates to the theme position because it displays the absolute location of Greece which is the coordinates of Athens which is the capital of Greece and absolute area always displays the runs of the capital of a nation. This is important as it shows where capital of Greece. Place

Physical Characteristics:

Greece is 80% made of mountain range.

This is a picture of Greece with a mountain without your knowledge. This relates to the motif because mountains are a physical characteristic since an example of an actual characteristic is actually a landform and mountains certainly are a type of landform. This is important mainly because mountains provide us with lots of resources. Human Features:

The Greeks built the Parthenon honoring the empress Athena.

This is certainly a picture of the Parthenon, the monument to Athena. This relates to the theme of place because the Parthenon is a building which is a human being characteristic as a human attribute is something that was made or produced by a human being. This is important because a lot of items humans build are properties. Human/Environment Conversation

How Humans in Portugal Adapt:

People adapt in Greece by putting on different clothes for different seasons. For example , in the summer people wear short sleeves to keep themselves cooled off in the warm part of the yr and in the wintertime wear long masturbator sleeves to keep themselves warm in the cold part of the 12 months.

How Human beings in Greece Modify:

Persons in Greece modify by utilizing materials for buildings mainly because they're adjusting...

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