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In July 1992, Magnolia corporation publicly questioned xemexco promoting corporation markers of zest –o brand juice drinks to match the real fruit content material of magnolia fruit drinks and to provide evidence that the zeal – o does not work with chemical ingredients to preserve their products. Magnolia claim that there is a big difference between true fruit beverages that contains for least 10% real juice and manufactured fruit drinks which contain less than 10% and depend more on man-made flavoring and chemical preservatives just like sodium benzoate to keep a lot of products from easily ruining. You really are a marketing administrator of zest – u, what would you do to the public obstacle of magnolia assuming: a. You don't have for least 10% juice articles

b. You have at least 10% juice content


Accepting the challenge of magnolia knowing that the product doesn't always have at least 10% juice content would be a great component of slouching your revenue, as a advertising manager of Zest –O I didn't accept the task of magnolia because it might lead to problem of my own product Becoming the promoting manager of Zest-O changing the products name packaging and adding more health content is the foremost alternative so the consumers is not going to focus on the item nutritional content but within the new look of product.


Accepting the process of magnolia would be a superb opportunity by simply increasing the sales of your product available in the market by going back the benefit in these people that suppose we prove that our product do have 10 % drink content. Element list is incredibly helpful in determining nutritional content material. A lengthy list of ingredients is yet another clue intended for the people our product is not really 100 percent fruit juice, but rather a fruit tasting drink or fruit juice mix so that the individuals are aware that each of our product have got at least 10% percent real fruit drink, thus they won't need to worry about the product safety.

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