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Sufferer Name: Ralph Gleason

Individual ID: 110567Age: 87DOB: 05/31/----Sex: M

Particular date of Admission: 04/04/----

Date of Method: 04/04/----

Acknowledging Physician: Martha C. Eaton, MD Geriatrics

Surgeon: Bernard Kester, MARYLAND General Surgical treatment

Preoperative Analysis: Hematochezia.

Postoperative Diagnosis: Hematochezia; inactive at this moment. Procedure: Colonoscopy.

Anesthesia: Sleep.

Specimen Eliminated: None.

Pre-op Meds: Qualified 3 magnesium, intravenous. Fentanyl 50 mcg, Intravenous. Estimated Blood Loss: Not one.

Urine End result: None.

Complications: None.

Preparing: Golightly.

BENEFITS: Fair, with some areas much better than others. Absolutely small lesions could have been conveniently missed consideringg the preparation results. SYMPTOMS: The patient is definitely an 87 year-old man admitted with hematochezia connected with over anticoagulation. The patient has history of fecal incontinence after surgical procedure for anorectal fistula. His hematocrit has always been around 34%-35%. No further bleeding since admission has been identified.



Sufferer Name: Ralph Gleason

Sufferer ID: 110567

Date of Procedure: 04/04/----

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DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: Informed consent was obtained from the sufferer and the protector after discussing alternatives, indications, benefits, and risks. In the procedure in the GI laboratory the patient was placed in the left horizontal decubitus location, medications used. Once the affected person was sedated, an anal exam was performed which in turn revealed no obvious hemorrhoids. Digital test revealed a reduced sphincter tone. There was a few nodularity in the anal cacera. The prostatic was to some extent enlarged nevertheless without n?ud. Then the range passed through the anus and under immediate vision to the level of the cecum. Through the colon, specifically on the left side, there is pseudo-membranes of whitish-yellowish coloration, under which a red mucosa was identified. In a few spots there have been tiny bits of...

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