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п»їI. Introduction Passage

A. Picture waking up for five the next day to open a store, staying past due into the night time to close that down, standing up over a fryer for hard, cooperating with angry clients all day, yet I's almost all worth it for this new car, right? Though this does seem like an excellent idea, young adults are often used for their inexperience in the employment market, working about 12 hours after school every day. Unfortunately, the rights of teenagers working in the fast food industry in many cases are overlooked. 2. Background Information Paragraph

A. A large number of teens today are working in fast food restaurants across the region. Many of these young adults will have to work until midnight at work, some even earlier it. In addition , of these teenagers, 200, 1000 teens happen to be injured every year, which is around twice the rate of an adult. III. Verification Paragraphs

A. Jane Trogdon, a instructor at Harrison High School, often worries regarding the kids the lady teaches whom work for fast food restaurants as well as the hours that they work. Most of her college students work lengthy past night time, making them not able to do their very own schoolwork. This kind of often triggers drop outs at Harrison. Even though 4 hundred students may be in the junior class, only about half finish up graduating, and maybe fifty go to college. How can working kids for such long hours, inhibiting their capability to have an education, possibly be legal? B. 200, 000 young adults are hurt on the job yearly, about two times as many while adults. For such an scary rate, specifically comparative to adult accidents, isn't this possible that the injuries of teens could possibly be caused a lot more than by the folly of the teenagers themselves. Richard Schlosser's interviews with kids reveal that numerous teenagers are put in charge of controlling dangerous gear, such as a McDonald's electric tomato dicer, employed by seventeen yr old Tommy, whom claims to become " the only one that can really work that. ” 4. Refutation Passage

A. In accordance to Schlosser, the...

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