A Comparison with the Old Eyfs to the New Eyfs Study Paper

A comparison in the old EYFS to the Fresh EYFS with the relationship between your Montessori Approach and the EYFS structure.

The Early Years Base Stage is known as a document which will displays and descriptions the requirements in development, framework of learning and look after a child coming from birth to 5 years old. This can be a legal requirement to follow the EYFS for any companies working with children, such as nurseries, crèches, and impartial schools in England.

This document is set up by the government to guide experts such as professors working with kids from birth to 5 years of age. In using this framework you will discover six crucial areas of learning that are covered. With this kind of, practitioners arranged activities for youngsters that are based upon and cover the 6 key areas.

The EYFS also allows adults such as parents to understand how and why nurseries or ‘Key workers' work and see children this way, often the specialist will enquire about the kid's interests away from nursery – that way it assists the parent build on the child's welfare and improvement as well as the tutor. The six areas of expansion that are protected in the EYFS are;

• Personal, cultural and emotional development

• Communication, vocabulary and literacy

• Find solutions to problems, reasoning and numeracy

• Knowledge and understanding of the earth

• Physical development

• Creative advancement

Each of these main titles includes a subtitle which in turn breaks down the area into more specific sections, just like; Creative advancement: exploring mass media and components. There is also a grading system for age groups which in turn helps the practitioner find the appropriate area to look in pertaining to the area of development. The EYFS is not just a guide intended for areas of expansion but as well states wellbeing requirements including the safeguarding of children and the campaign of a confident environment while children find out best when in this sort of setting.

As i have said earlier the ‘Key worker' is responsible for...

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P2 (Page two of the modified EYFS)

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