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Information Systems Proposal

Simply by: Robbie Wolf

March 18, 2012

Table of Contents 1 ) ) Summary of Information Systems 2 . ) The your five types info Systems three or more. ) Advantages and disadvantages of each type 4. ) Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Information devices are a viable part of virtually any business today with the majority of everything becoming related to the net and technology. Information systems collect, process, store, and analyze data for a specific purpose. The majority of information systems are computer-based which use computer technology to perform all the intended responsibilities. The basic aspects of information systems are components, software, network, procedures, and folks. Information devices also have many capabilities. They can perform substantial speed/high quantity numerical calculations, they provide quickly and accurate communication inside the organization, shop lots of info in a small space, allow quick and inexpensive use of huge amounts of information, and interpret vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently in order to name a number of. I this kind of proposal I would really like to explain to you the five several types of information systems along with their advantages and disadvantages in relation to Back In Tyme Data.

Information System Types 5. Transaction Processing System- This type of information program supports the monitoring, collection, storage, and processing of data from the company business orders. An example of this is how you take a look at at a grocery store as well as the cashier swipes your item across the bar code scanner. 5. Decision Support Systems- This sort of information program provides access to data and analysis...

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