Topics for an argumentative essay: they’re here!

These days there are a lot of places you can spot worth topics, particularly on the web. Just keep looking for so-called “easy essay topics” and you’ll be literary bombarded with options. Although it’s not a problem to find a theme for your paper, narrowing it down can be a challenge. Picking up which one you are eager to illustrate actually comes down to your personal interest. Well, if you aren’t interested in the subject at all, you’re bound to face boredom when writing it. If you want to make the most of your unique skills, you’d better choose something you really enjoy. So, you need topics for an argumentative essay!

Look through the themes below to find anything worth your attention. Of course, you should know why it holds your attention tight. Write down what you find interesting here. Consider how you could expand on those ideas to complete a full essay length paper. It’s clear not all ideas boast enough scope to be absorbing for several pages.

Look through your advisor’s guidelines on what you require putting into this paper. If there are any limitations on topic or anything else, ensure to keep it in mind. It can be quite easy to get carried away pondering over something you like and depicting it the desired way. While writing don’t forget that any paper is written to be read first, so try to make it interesting to read, at least for your advisor.

As follows from the name of this essay, it’s argumentative. Of course, it would be much easier to write a paper on something folks mostly agree on. However, it’s not the very point of this type of essay.

It’s crucial to pick up debatable argumentative essay themes because you require opposing points you could counter with your exclusive points. Our world has never been black and white, and there are many gray areas around, so you have a decent choice of topics for an argumentative essay.

Here below we’ve listed a lot of argumentative essay topics, belonging to different categories, as we take into account various preferences and tastes of learners. You’re free to pick up moral, legal, media, social or family topics for your paper.

Legal argumentative essay topics

Undoubtedly, it’s a very popular choice. These types of topics include laws you would be eager to change, create or even abolish. The topics also cover negative aspects and benefits of currently existing laws.

You really don’t need to be super technical with legal argumentative papers, but, please, conduct your research on what today’s laws about the chosen theme actually say.

  • Should America impose more restrictions on gun use or ownership?
  • Should cigarettes as well as other tobacco products be forbidden?
  • Corporations should get their own personhood, shouldn’t they?
  • At what age should girls be granted access to birth control without their parents’ direct consent?
  • Should nuclear weapons be forbidden around the globe?
  • Prostitution needs to be legalized, doesn’t it?
  • A right to an abortion: in what situations can females do it?
  • The legality of medical marijuana is justified by its benefits, isn’t it?
  • Does the drinking age need to be higher, lower or stay intact?
  • A larger black market is created by outlawing controlled substances, isn’t it?

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Moral argumentative essay topics

In fact, moral argumentative essay topics appear to be some of the easiest to work on. These topics deal with a variety of moral dilemmas, from the death penalty to animal testing. Such topics tend to be extremely debatable as everybody has different point of views and corresponding justifications for those opinions.

If you’re concerned over animal or human rights, it’s high time to release your emotions. While it’s a good thing to be passionate in this type of essay, you require keeping your thoughts organized and focused.

  • Atheists are less moral than theists, aren’t they?
  • Folks who have committed terrible crimes deserve the death penalty, don’t they?
  • Beauty pageants for kids should be forbidden, shouldn’t they?
  • People are bound to use animal testing, aren’t they?
  • Freedom of speech gives folks the right to spread hate, doesn’t it?
  • Should nude pictures be open to the public in museums?
  • Should people be granted the right to pass away via physician-assisted suicide?
  • Should businesses and educational institutions provide more incentives to folks to participate in volunteer activities?
  • Should consumers purchase goods from countries exploiting child labor?

Social argumentative essay topics

These are undoubtedly one of the best topics for an argumentative essay, as they overlap with moral and legal themes. However, they more cover how folks act within society and also what pressures society puts on people.

It’s a very broad category. Accordingly, there are many themes to pick up from and even more that you could make by yourself.

If you get stuck on what to illustrate in your paper, consider something personally affecting. You can also focus on somebody close to you. It should make unrolling that topic more natural. Ensure to rely on pure facts, while staying away from personal anecdotes, as they are more suitable for a narrative essay.

  • Can heterosexual females and males be friends with no hopes for anything more?
  • Immigrants should be granted more rights, shouldn’t they?
  • Online dating can replace real-life relationships, can’t it?
  • English should become the official national language of the United States, shouldn’t it?
  • Should females wear tempting clothing to tame men’s catcalling?
  • Teens are forced to go to college, aren’t they?
  • Minors should face a legal curfew, shouldn’t they?
  • Should prisoners be granted the right to vote?
  • Determine the age citizens should vote in America.
  • Companies shouldn’t hire smokers, should they?

Media and advertising essays topics

The media and advertising have already become inseparable from today’s society. Papers completed on these themes normally include how media impacts society, and also what needs to be permitted to be heard or seen through advertisements or media.

The media and advertisements have already become inseparable from today’s society. Papers written on these themes normally include how media impacts us, and what needs to be permitted to be heard or seen through advertisements and media.

It’s not difficult to get inspiration to create your own media or advertisement argumentative essay themes. Turn on your TV and stay on the channel when ads come on. In a couple of minutes you’ll successfully create your advertisement message.

  • Print advertising is outdated, isn’t it?
  • Public service announcements aren’t effective, are they?
  • Journalists should eliminate as much as they can, shouldn’t they?
  • Should sex be permitted to be shown on prime time television?
  • Movies and TV shows should be more diverse, shouldn’t they?
  • In what situations should tobacco and alcohol advertisements be permitted?
  • Advertising in schools should be allowed for companies, shouldn’t it?
  • Reveal your line for violence on TV.
  • Should side effects and warnings be specified clearer in advertisements?
  • Celebrities should be shown more often on TV, shouldn’t they?

Family argumentative essay topics

There are more than enough argumentative essay topics, which cover family life and traditional values. It’s because families differ just like tastes. It’s clear that rules in families have nothing common with regulations and laws imposed by governments.

To formulate topics on this subject, we’ve had to research marital psychology, child development and personal stories from kids and their parents.

  • Kids can be spanked by their parents, can’t they?
  • Determine the age at which parents should discuss sex with their kids.
  • Should singles adopt kids as easily as couples do?
  • Kids deserve allowance, don’t they?
  • Parents should push their children into extracurricular activities, including sports or music, shouldn’t they?
  • Parenting classes should be obligatory, shouldn’t they?
  • Should parents monitor their kids’ Internet use?
  • Parents are bound to pay kids for good grades, aren’t they?
  • Is breastfeeding in public acceptable?
  • Should parents enter their kids’ room without their consent?

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