Mike Ceballos for Superintendent of Public Instruction

About Mike

Mike Ceballos is running for Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction because he cares about Wyoming education and wants to bring respect and stability back to the Department of Education. As former president of Qwest Wyoming and a doctoral student at the University of Wyoming, Mike is a leader and a learner with a focused vision for Wyoming’s schools.

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Mike’s Priorities

Cooperation and Collaboration between parents, teachers, businesses, community organizations, the legislature and state officials.

No matter the industry, employers in today’s job market are looking for employees with solid educational foundations. But many of our students fail to see how what they are learning in school connects to real life careers and opportunities.

For the link between the classroom and students’ futures to be clear, we need to foster collaboration between parents, teachers, businesses, and community organizations. Learn more >

A Common Understanding of the knowledge and skills students must possess for tomorrow’s jobs.

Respecting the Teaching Profession by allowing teachers and schools to do what they do best.



If you - or your friends - are in the Cheyenne area, and would like to come to a meet & greet on Sunday from 5pm to 7pm, please join us! Hosted by WM and Jan Stalcup - Jan is a Laramie County School District #1 Board member - at their home, 1515 Crestview. Please RSVP to, or through a PM on Facebook. ...

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PLEASE CLICK "...See more" I am grateful to all of our volunteers. Those of you that have gone door to door, made calls, shared my Facebook posts, written emails and letters, donated...the list goes on, and you are all appreciated. I'm also grateful to - and in awe of - Carma Corra, our volunteer coordinator who wrote this for all of us.

Oh the places you'll go and the people you'll meet,
When your hat's in the ring and your eye's on a seat -
A seat that is labeled "Director of Ed"
Or, officially, of "Public Instruction," instead.
A seat that needs polished and mucho repairs
By someone determined - a person who cares!
Oh, the people you'll gather are the people you'll need
To help you campaign and plant millions of seeds.
You'll require more people than you could've guessed,
And that, our Dear Michael, may have been your first test.
Who knew that you'd gather - like your dog's hair on black -
From 23 counties, such wind at your back?
Republicans, Democrats, women, and men,
Teachers and parents, old and new friends!
They met you, they liked you, liked what you've achieved,
They said: "We believe! We believe! We believe!"
Many gave you their money, many gave you their time,
Some hosted events, and some put up your signs!
They were flexible, patient, creative, and more;
They walked in parades, they campaigned door-to-door.
They gave you a bed or they paid for your room,
They prepared you for talks and debates and classrooms.
They made phone calls and posted on Facebook and Twitter,
Spread the word you are golden - all substance, no glitter!
To their friends, they mailed postcards; to editors, letters;
To us, they sent feedback that helped us get better.
Whatever you needed - in advance or last minute -
Those people were with you - they were in it to win it!
They didn't seek glory or future rewards,
They had myriad motives, but, oh, my Sweet Lord!
They are loyal and fearless - energy off the charts!
They have generous, passionate, welcoming hearts!
Though we paid for some help, signs, commercials, and ads,
No money could purchase the PEOPLE we had!
On the 4th of November, when the vote count brings cheers,
We'll give thanks and sing praises to Mike's volunteers!!!

(Inspired, of course, by Dr. Seuss)

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Why should you vote for Mike?

  • He offers proven, stable leadership in a time of state and educational change.
  • He brings decades of business expertise alongside his extensive knowledge in educational leadership.
  • He believes in people and is eager to listen to students, teachers, parents, and communities.
  • He can handle disagreement without being disagreeable.
  • He is committed to preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrow.

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Superintendent of Public Instruction

Wyoming’s superintendent of public instruction partners with the governor and the legislature to improve educational structures and standards for greater student success.

Educational Leadership

Educational leadership is the ability to implement educational structures and standards in schools and across districts that lead to student, teacher, and community flourishing. This type of leadership is at the heart of the superintendent of public instruction’s role.

Student Success

Student success looks beyond test grades and GPAs to measure how many students reach desired outcomes after high school. For some, this means college; for others, it means a career that their public education has prepared them for.

Upcoming Events

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  • 01 Nov
  • 04 Nov

What Mike Stands For

Mike believes the best way to achieve greater student success is by focusing on three priorities: cooperation and collaboration between the relevant stakeholders, a common understanding of the knowledge and skills students must possess, and respecting the teaching profession.